it’s a Rice Cracker kind of day, every day.

What is a Rice Cracker kind of day? Glad you asked…
It starts with a morning fight with the alarm clock.
After snoozing twice, it’s a shower and off to work.
Work is the usual. A challenge here, a developmental opportunity there, with free baked goods sprinkled in.
Then a ten minute internal battle with myself about the benefits of a gym visit.
An hour at the gym, running while watching people fight over treadmills.
Bonus: sometimes I get a shake after my workout.
Double Bonus: I run into my Man, who is no doubt pumping iron while sporting his Chucks.
Then it’s a round of “cook something edible with whatever is in the fridge”. I usually win that game.
If it’s date night, who knows what shenanigans might come up! But a great dinner is always involved.
Maybe watch some Brooklyn Nine Nine or The Mindy Project… Or if I’m feeling especially nostalgic, an episode or two of Frasier.
Write write write. Paint paint paint.
Clean… but rarely.
Then a ritualistic bed time prep… and sleep.
The weekends are a little more exciting.

If your day is anything like my day, you will enjoy my ramblings. Have fun!


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